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The History Factor is an award winning multi-platform history content producer – highlighting exciting, important and awesome stories from the past.

his·to·ry /ˈhist(ə)rē/ : An analysis and interpretation of past events and experiences

fac·tor /ˈfaktər/: A circumstance, fact or influence which has to be taken into account, or which affects a particular decision, result or situation

History Factor: The influence and affect history has on a particular decision, result or situation

Behind every action and event there is an important and contributing “history factor”. By understanding the “history factor” we can navigate current events, comprehend conflicts past and present, and fully appreciate the diverse world we live in.


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About James Ellis, the founder and host

James is a Canadian Ethnic Media Association Award winning, and Canadian Screen Award and Yorkton Film Festival Award nominated media professional; specializing in factual content programming for both television and digital media.

James’ love of history stems from his childhood; visiting historic sites, museums and battlefields. His father’s passion for history was also an important influence, including first-hand accounts of life as an officer in the British Army’s elite Parachute Regiment.

Armed with a History degree from UCL, James emigrated from the UK to Canada after graduation and was soon working for Historica Canada; the largest independent organisation dedicated to Canadian history, identity and citizenship. As part of the Memory Project team, James helped create an extensive online audio and video archive of eyewitness accounts by Canadian veterans of the Second World War and Korean War.

James’ first foray into television was assisting in the production of the History Channel Canada’s D-Day to Victory series. He has worked as a researcher on Battle FactoryBlack Watch Snipers, and the award winning War StoryHe was an Associate Producer and Story Editor on Season 2 of The Weapon Hunter on the Smithsonian Channel, an Associate Producer on History Channel Canada’s series to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation (The World Without Canada), and recently finished working on a forthcoming series for PBS about 20th Century dictators.

For his work on the History Channel Canada’s Camp X: Secret Agent School, James was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award, and for his work on the award winning Real Vikings (a companion to the popular Vikings drama on the History Channel), he was nominated for a Yorkton Film Festival award.

                                           CSA 2015   Nominee_Researcher_2017

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CEMA Award with Olivia Chow

James Ellis with Olivia Chow

The History Factor won its first award in November 2015.

The Battle of Monte Cassino” YouTube video won the Canadian Ethnic Media Association‘s 2015 Excellence in Journalism Award for Best Internet Video.

The award was introduced and presented by former NDP MP, Olivia Chow.