Other Projects

70th Victory Day Celebration

James was the Master of Ceremonies for the “70th Victory Day Celebration” held in Toronto on May 8th 2015.

70th Anniversary veterans

70th anniversary MP photo  70th Anniversary podium

The event commemorated the 70th Anniversary of Allied victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, ending the Second World War in Europe.

Black Watch Military Tattoo

April 9th 2017 marked the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. The First World War battle is Canada’s most iconic military victory, and frequently cited as a defining moment in Canadian history.

Black Watch Tatoo flyerTo commemorate this famous anniversary, The Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment of Canada put on a spectacular show at Montreal’s Bell Centre – complete with traditional highland pipes and drums, displays of military skill, and civilian performing artists.

As part of the show, James produced a Battle of Vimy Ridge tribute video – highlighting key moments from the battle and life in the trenches, through a montage of pictures and archive footage taken from the frontlines of the First World War.





A selection of history documentaries James has worked on:

3 X 60 documentary series commemorating 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation (History Channel Canada)

CREDIT: Associate Producer


Season 2 of 6 x 60 documentary series following rock n’ roll promoter and expert swordsman Paul Shull on his mission to unearth the wildest weapons of historic warfare (Smithsonian Channel)

CREDIT: Story Editor & Associate Producer


1 x 120 documentary film about a group of snipers in the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment of Canada) during the Second World War (History Channel Canada)

CREDIT: Researcher


14 x 30 series about how military products are manufactured (History Channel Canada, Discovery, UKTV)

CREDIT: Senior Researcher


1 x 120 documentary film about North America’s first spy school during the Second World War (History Channel Canada)

CREDIT: Senior Researcher


Season 1 of 10 x 30 Documentary series about Canadians in conflict from the Second World War to Bosnia (History Channel Canada)

CREDIT: Researcher